Do you enjoy watching lustful love games between two ladies or do you have bizarre role play fantasies involving a submissive female at your beck and call? Do you love latex or would you like to be accompanied by a lady to a lavish event at a mysterious location? Maybe you desire companionship on a long, relaxing trip or a lady to show you around a foreign town?

All specialties of Glamouresse can also be combined of course.

Please inquire which ladies can be considered for such an undertaking.

Club and castle fantasies

Lustful looks and imaginative touch.

An elegant place with an unrestrained and explosive atmosphere provides a marvelous setting to experience a perfectly shaped evening with like-minded people and to let one's imagination run wild.

Imagine yourself ... more about club and castle fantasies

Latex dreams

Latex is the stuff of many dreams.

Does the sight of a lady with wasp's waist in a latex dress entice you - with the waist originating from a tight latex corset - and are you dreaming of endlessly long legs in high heels? Do you like underwear, gloves and stockings made of this shining and smooth material?

Fancy ... more about latex escort dreams

Bizarre love

Bizarre love stands for the game with the contrasts of lust.

Fancy the following tempting game: You are in a space which is illuminated only by the flickering of red candles on silver candlesticks. Wagner overtures flood the room with a mysterious mood. In the middle of the room, there is ... more about bizarre escort love


Or how about the stimulating experience of an intimate threesome?

Would like you to observe the unconstrained and desire-clad love play of two bisexual friends who initially enjoy your longing looks only to then sink down together with you into a drunken state of bliss?

Imagine the following sensuous game ... more about escort triology

Role plays amours

A dictation under difficult conditions.

When staging submissive-dominant role plays, no limits are set to imagination. They can take place in any country of the world, in any epoch of history and in any situation. The dictation situation between secretary and boss, the punishment of the disorderly maidservant, the visit of the caring nurse by the bedside or the disobedient schoolgirl in the classroom of a strict teacher - you will get the greatest pleasure from participating in these types of games.

Just imagine the following situation ... more about roleplay amours

Wellness desires

Finally, room for relaxation of body and soul and time out from stressful everyday life!

Do you want to totally enjoy wellness totally, forget time and take a break from everyday life at a heavenly place? Dive into the sensuous world of Turkish baths and Roman bath temples. Let our ladies spoil your and ... more about wellness desires

Holiday romance

Active vacation of a different kind.

Getting some time away from everyday life - and from the outset. This is the motto of Glamouresse. As an active vacationer, you should find your internal balance and recharge your batteries with your beloved sport for which you have no time otherwise. By no means do you have to renounce unusual eroticism with ... more about holiday romance

Gourmet loving

An excursion into the gourmet temple.

Are you in search of exquisite culinary moments? Excellent cuisine, high-class entertainment and that certain something ... more about gourmet loving

City guide episodes

Your personal city guide on location.

You have come to a foreign metropolis on your own and are overpowered by the manifold impressions. However, the idea of exploring this town in the company of an enchanting lady is even more exciting, without doubt, and more entertaining. Primarily, you would like to find out about the cultural heritage of the town with its history and ... more about city guide episodes