Latex dreams

Latex is the stuff of many dreams.

Does the sight of a lady with wasp's waist in a latex dress entice you - with the waist originating from a tight latex corset - and are you dreaming of endlessly long legs in high heels? Do you like underwear, gloves and stockings made of this shining and smooth material?

Fancy you are strolling through a park as you are enshrouded by the smell of a soft perfume with that typical, intensive touch that you love so much. You turn in the direction of this smell and see a young and graceful beauty. The smell that has enticed you unmistakably comes from the clothes which this young lady is wearing. You can see her body being clad in a tightly cut olive-colored dress that is very elegant. In addition, made of the same material as the dress, she is wearing a pair of gloves and stockings in a tender pink color tone. The material is latex! In this shiny outfit, the graceful silhouette of the impeccable lady wonderfully stands out from its surrounds and this is what brings out its full effect. The high heels rob you of your senses. The lady smiles at you and hands you a black suit, made of the same shiny material. You slip into the suit and are overwhelmed by a sensation of being caressed all over your entire body.

Suddenly, you awake and find out with joy that the lady from your dream is real!

If you want to make a latex dream with a young and graceful lady - dressed in this unusual material - come true, a lady of Glamouresse is the right companion for you.

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