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The Story about a Fetishescort Novice

Aktualisiert: 19. Feb.

A few weeks ago, you sent in your application to the Glamouresse Fetishescort agency. The agency arranged and paid for a photo shoot and created your sedcard. And now is the big day: Today is the day of your first rendezvous as an escort at a luxury hotel in your home town. 

Corinna sent you a booking confirmation a few days ago so that you have all the details on the hotel, time, duration, your arrival outfit, fetish outfit and toys as well as on the procedure. Last night, Corinna took the time to call you on the phone to discuss all the details of your upcoming rendezvous. So there’s really no reason to be nervous; you are well-prepared and are looking forward to a lustful evening. 

All the same, you are a bit nervous as you make your way past the concierge and straight to the lift. You wait for the lift, get on and press the button for the fifth floor with a shaking finger. Once you arrive, you get off the lift, your legs quaking with excitement. You’re not sure which way to turn, left or right? You decide to follow the corridor on the right, pulling your trolley and the many, wonderful toys inside it behind you, until, after a few metres, you reach a solid wooden door with the number 511. 

At exactly 7.30 p.m., you knock, and the door opens.  

You are wearing a classic, black skirt with a white blouse, as requested, and a gentleman in a black suit leads you into a darkened room, lit only by the flicker of the many red candles in their silver candelabras. Wagner’s overtures fill the room with a mysterious atmosphere. In the middle of the room, you see an inviting metal bed with white damask sheets and four crimson silk scarves draped across it. You open your trolley by the side of the bed, revealing the many toys inside. On a table at the end of this generous room, you see a bottle of champagne on ice and two glasses. Together, you and the gentleman enjoy a glass as he asks you your most secret fantasies. You feel embarrassed by his questions, but you are a good girl and answer him. After a while, he places a blindfold on the table, and asks you to take off your blouse and your skirt. You blush shyly but you don’t dare answer back, face to face with this dominant presence. So you submit to his demands and undress before his eyes, your own eyes lowered, until all you are wearing are your stockings and high heels. He eyes you approvingly. Then he blindfolds you and leads you to the bed, where he takes the four crimson silk scarves and ties first your hands and then your feet to the bed; your legs are spread and your most intimate core is pleasantly warm and shimmering. You shake with arousal. Helpless and unable to move, you hear the gentleman walking away from you. Your thoughts start to churn: Where is he going? What is he going to do? What is happening to you? Then you hear the ice cubes clinking in the champagne cooler. He comes back to the bed and kisses your throat, then he penetrates your mouth with his tongue. You return this intoxicating kiss as you feel the delicate hairs on your body rise. Finally, he kisses and licks your taut rosebuds. Suddenly, he touches them with an ice cube. It feels so good! Your back arches as he lets the melting ice cube glide down your trembling body, over your belly button and down towards the core of your lust. He stops to reach for one of the toys in your case...


A playful night of pleasure and passion, intimacy and distance and pure lust follows. 

For more information please visit the website.

© Corinna Eilers

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