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Home towns:Rosenheim, Salzburg, München, Passau
Likes to travel to:Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Augsburg, Innsbruck, Nuremberg, Lindau, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Madrid and also europe− ⁄worldwide
Age:Ende Zwanzig
Height:179 cm
Dress size:40
Hair colour:Brown
Eye colour:Green/grey
Measurements:105 - 80(70) - 93
Bra size:85 DD
Shoe size:41
Special features:Intimate piercing, Tattoo on back
Languages:German (native), English (conversational), Spanish (basic)
Cuisine:Italien cuisine, French cuisine, German traditional faire
Drinks:Red Wine, long drinks, mineral water
Smoking:Tolerant non-smoker
Interests:Sports, art & culture, musicals, revue theatre & artistic, concerts, festivals, literature, paint ball, amusement parks
Music:Classical music, metall & gothic music
Sport:Fitness, cycling, hiking, bouldering
Parfume:Miss Dior blooming bouquet
Flowers:Roses, hibiscus flowers, orquits
More gift ideas:
Designer:Fräulein Ehrhardt, Maison Close, D&G, La Perla, Chantal Thomas, Michael Kors
Dream Destinations:Maledives, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, Vienna, Zurich, Hamburg, Brussels, Oslo, Helsinki, Warsaw


Submissiv-masochistic eroticism, slave, O-slave, pet, switcher, switch lady, swinger, bisexual

Erotic preferences:
Girlfriend eroticism, spitting, golden shower, massages, greeck & french eroticism, different positions, multiple times, sandwich, dildo show, body and face cum shots, french kissing, 69, deep throat, trio MWW/MMW, striptease, lesbian and bisexuell games

Bizarre preferences:
Blindfolding, asphyxiation, gagging, spanking/flagellation/caning, flag hand, discipline, slave training, punishment, humiliation, tease & denial, obedience, story of "O", kneeling, rapeplay, chastity, orgasm control & torture, education, strict upbringing, interrogation games, get lend out to another master, presentation, long-term fixation, mind games, psychological humiliation, going out frivolously, bondage, mummification, corseting, tickling, candle wax games, stretching, fisting, e-play, slaps in the face, kissing shoes, role playing (teacher & school girl, secretary, nurse, nun, french maid, prisoner ...), foot & shoe & nylon eroticism


Cane, riding whip, flogger, belt, paddel, slaps with the hand, clamps & weights, bondage ropes, anal hook, anal plug, leather cuffs, ball gag, glas dildo, double dildo, inflatable dildo, vibrator, remote controlled vibrator, geisha balls, magic-wand, eye mask, silk scarf, collar & leash, geisha balls, spreader bar, wartenberg wheel, sm candles, handcuffs, bondage tape, pvc sheet, strap-on, intimate jewellery

Personal fetish:
Corsets, lingerie, leather, satin, nylons, high heels, boots, leather, bondage

Escort service, also for travel, erotic and bizarre meetings, Night of Masks, Night of Passion, Kittycatclub, fetish clubs, Oktoberfest

Lucie is a tall, attractive young woman with breathtakingly long legs that she likes to draw attention to with short skirts and high heels or boots - a striking appearance that turns many men’s heads. Lucie loves erotic clothing that is at the same time stylish and elegant, and knows how to be both a lady and a vamp. Lucie is a fun-loving person and enjoys flirting. Her open, uncomplicated manner quickly lends a relaxed, intimate atmosphere to a date with her. Lucie loves adventure and a special kick: a rollercoaster ride at the funfair, an indecent adventure of a bizarre, very special kind in a rendez-vous.

This young lady is an excellent playmate for dominant gentlemen as well as devoted lovers and promises exciting times for two. But Lucie’s preferred man is the dominant gentleman as she has a well-honed devoted disposition, and enjoy living this out to its full. She appreciates erotic play with a dominant man who, along with her, can explore the pleasure of exploring power and submission. For the dominant man, this woman with a genuine submissive disposition is a true gem.

Experience how Lucie readily responds to your orders, how much she is aroused by a firm look and a few imperious words. Put a slave collar around Lucie’s neck and walk her on a leash. She will turn into an eager slave, ready to kneel before you, crawl on all fours, kiss your shoes, allow herself to be used, or devotedly indulge your best attribute with a deep throat. With a dominant man who knows how to lead her gently, Lucie is also open to masochistic BDSM games. Once Lucie becomes aroused in the course of some D/S play, she will allow herself to be punished physically or through games with clamps and wax.

When it comes to roleplay, Lucie’s resourcefulness and creativity further enrich the delicate game with sensual submission. Lucie could become a schoolgirl in uniform for you, or a nurse for indecent doctor games. If you wish, Lucie could slip into the role of a prisoner to be placed under arrest and interrogated. Perhaps she could also play a charming nun that gives herself up to forbidden sins and pleasures herself at your command. Pet play, in which Lucie is an alluring cat, is also a possibility.

If you are looking for a bondage partner, you will relish finding in Lucie a willing victim, one that gladly gives herself over to the thrill of the uncertainty about what you have planned for her. Bound, gagged, her legs fastened to a spreader bar, you can tease Lucie and observe her as she becomes more and more aroused and begs you for more.

Another of Lucie’s indecent passions is her penchant for erotic parties and sexy games for three. Lucie loves giving way to her bisexual side with another woman. In a ménage à trois with another man, Lucie finds it especially exciting to be taken by two men.

As a submissive woman, Lucie will also gladly dress and present herself according to your desires. Don’t be shy about signalling before the date what Lucie is to wear for you: lace lingerie, a corset, nylons, latex or leather?

With Lucie you are sure to experience unforgettable, intoxicating hours full of sinful pleasure.

Not everything, but almost everything is possible - and if, against all expectations, you do not find what you are looking for in Lucy’s exceptionally rich preferences, just ask us!


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To contact me, you can reach me at The day of the date, you can reach me at:
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I have read the GTC and hereby declare my consent.


up to 2 hours700 €
up to 3 hours900 €
up to 4 hours1050 €
up to 5 hours1150 €
up to 6 hours1250 €
short night up to 12 hours1650 €
long night up to 15 hours1800 €
up to 18 hours1950 €
up to 24 hours2250 €
up to 48 hours3850 €
each further 24 hours1150 €

The fees of our ladies are not negotiable.

For a specielle arrangement we would gladly put together an individualized offer.

For couples escort, we add 50% surcharge to the fee in each case.

You are a MC-Escort member oder C69-member? Please feel free to contact us!

No additional travel costs arise for you in the respective hometowns of our ladies. For bookings outside her hometown, additional expenses for cars, cab, train, plane ticket and a evtl. necessary single bedroom have to be borne by you.

A deposit of 30% of the fee agreed on, which must be credited at the latest 24 hours before the beginning of the date, is required for every appointment.

We offer you the options of bank transfer, cash by Western Union or credit card payment plus 6 % handling fee.

The balance of the total fee (meaning 70 %), plus possible travel expenses should be handed to the respective lady in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of your date. To avoid any misunderstanding, ask the respective lady to check the contents.

If you don´t receive an answer within 24 hours, please check if the email might have slipped into your spam folder and add us to your address book.


Liebe Corinna, ja es war sehr schoen. Und ich wuerde mich auch irgendwann nochmal mit Lucy treffen wollen.