The minimum booking duration of a date is two hours.

The fees of our ladies are not negotiable. Please refer to the profiles of the individual escort ladies.

On request for a specielle arrangement we would gladly put together an individualized offer.

No additional travel costs arise for you in the respective hometowns of our ladies. For bookings outside her hometown, additional expenses for cars, cab, train or plane ticket have to be borne by you.

A deposit of 30% of the fee agreed on, which must be credited at the latest 24 hours before the beginning of the date, is required for every appointment.

We offer you the options of bank transfer, cash by Western Union or credit card payment plus 5% handling fee.

The balance of the total fee, plus possible travel expenses should be handed to the respective lady in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of your date. To avoid any misunderstanding, ask the respective lady to check the contents.

Glamouresse offers the following categories:


An Escortesse is a companion par excellence for the demanding connaisseur. She is not only of particularly preciousness, but the juwel of Glamouresse for undreamed sensual pleasure.

up to zu 2 hours1000 €
up to 3 hours1250 €
up to 4 hours1450 €
up to 5 hours1600 €
up to 6 hours1750 €
short night up to 12 hours2250 €
long night up to 15 hours2400 €
up to 18 hours2550 €
up to 24 hours2850 €
up to 48 hours5050 €
each further 24 hours1350 €


A Shininesse is for a bon vivant of sensual love plays a very special remmondation. Let yourself be enchanted by her charm and her grace.

up to 2 hours800 €
up to 3 hours1050 €
up to 4 hours1250 €
up to 5 hours1350 €
up to 6 hours1450 €
short night up to 12 hours1950 €
long night up to 15 hours2100 €
up to 18 hours2250 €
up to 24 hours2550 €
up to 48 hours4350 €
each further 24 hours1250 €


With a Glossinesse lovers of the special and the unusual get their fill. If you have special desires, give yourself a few wonderful hours with one of these ladies.

up to 2 hours700 €
up to 3 hours900 €
up to 4 hours1050 €
up to 5 hours1150 €
up to 6 hours1250 €
short night up to 12 hours1650 €
long night up to 15 hours1800 €
up to 18 hours1950 €
up to 24 hours2250 €
up to 48 hours3850 €
each further 24 hours1150 €


A Maitresse does not only enjoy keeping you company. You can also spend romantic and erotic hours with her.

up to 2 hours500 €
up to 3 hours650 €
up to 4 hours750 €
up to 5 hours850 €
up to 6 hours950 €
short night up to 12 hours1200 €
long night up to 15 hours1350 €
up to 18 hours1500 €
up to 24 hours1700 €
up to 48 hours3000 €
eacht further 24 hours900 €

Naturally, we would be pleased in assisting you to find the right lady to meet your inclinations and fulfill all your desires.