Club and castle fantasies

Lustful looks and imaginative touch.

An elegant place with an unrestrained and explosive atmosphere provides a marvelous setting to experience a perfectly shaped evening with like-minded people and to let one's imagination run wild.

Imagine yourself driving down an insignificant country road which leads to a property. You don't know what expects you there; however, the knowledge about a code word and a gathering where everyone invited must wear masks has kindled your curiosity. Already when you reach to the guarded iron gate of the property, you are expected by genlemen in suits and wearing masks. They grant you passage after you say the code word. Up to the end of the driveway, you are driven by a black limousine to a castle on the estate, where, finally, you walk along a footpath illuminated by torches and up a long staircase to reach the castle shrouded in secrecy. At the gate, you put on the mask that is handed to you and bowing gentlemen appreciatively grant you admission to an opulent hall flooded with mystic music. A closed male society and elegant ladies who wear nothing more than precious jewels and protective feather masks entice the guests to surrender themselves to ecstasy and decadence in an unusual setting before a unique scenery backdrop within historical walls. Enjoy, together with your chosen one, the stimulating atmosphere in a common game and take pleasure in the all-embracing desire and in the demanding glances of a curious audience. Hidden behind Venetian masks, wearing an elegant dinner jacket, you can let your imagination run wild in this atmosphere.

Please, contact us in time to ask for a place for one of the popular castle arrangements with an escort for the described ceremony.

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