Role plays amours

A dictation under difficult conditions.

When staging submissive-dominant role plays, no limits are set to imagination. They can take place in any country of the world, in any epoch of history and in any situation. The dictation situation between secretary and boss, the punishment of the disorderly maidservant, the visit of the caring nurse by the bedside or the disobedient schoolgirl in the classroom of a strict teacher - you will get the greatest pleasure from participating in these types of games.

Just imagine the following situation: For a long time the striking beauty and the slightly offish behavior of your secretary have been fascinating you. Wearing the classic short skirt with white shirt, she enters your office as usual to execute her tasks, however, just wait a second... Today, it is a little bit different; her glance a little shier than normal and the shirt allows unusual insights. After repeated corrections during the dictation, you recognize a flirting sparkle in the eyes of your subordinate and you meet her glance strictly and unyieldingly. "Your behavior today is almost asking for punishment, my lady. ” Without objections and with eyes lowered, she proceeds to your side of the desk to expose her nice bottom with a skilful motion. She bends fully forwards a little, humbly, in order to accept her punishment. The dictation is history; the punishment a pleasure whose intensity will bring a mischievous smile to your face long after office hours, still.

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