Or how about the stimulating experience of an intimate duo or a trio?

Would like you to observe the unconstrained and desire-clad love play of two bisexual friends who initially enjoy your longing looks only to then sink down together with you into a drunken state of bliss?

Imagine the following sensuous game: You are in a room through the far open window of which, a gentle light comes in. The curtains move slightly by the incoming air. At this place of innocence, there is an inviting bed with white damask sheets standing in the middle of the room. Tender sounds which can come only from the works of Verdi provide a carefree sense of ease to the scenario. Two graceful ladies in a light-red and a mamy-blue dress don't seem to notice your presence. You see how the lady in the light-red dress gently touches and kisses the mouth of her friend in the silk dress. When the slim straps of the mamy-blue silk dress drop down apparently unintentionally, a well-shaped body is revealed. Pure sensuousness spreads through the room as the lady in the red dress now also slips out of her dress. At this moment, you step out of the darkness and join this electrifying twosome.

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