Do you dream of getting to know the metropolis of this world on the side of a companion who thinks highly of you and who respects you? Does it appeal to you to spend time with an interesting man in stylish surroundings and to allow yourself to be invited into a noble hotel suite by him? Are you able to engage in sophisticated small talk and do you have fun doing so? Do you enjoy versatile dates with gentlemen who can afford a certain level of luxury?

Our customers are well-off, successful gentlemen who would like to spend some time in good company of an attractive, educated and charming lady. Some simply want to be accompanied for dinner, to events or to a business lunch. Others want to enjoy erotic hours in addition. The length of a date can be a couple of hours, an entire night or several days; customers look for travel companionship now and then, too.

Glamouresse offers different services in two areas and thus also different possibilities for you as model:

  • Romantic, erotic rendezvous
  • Fetishescort → Specialties

If you can answer YES to the following questions and are aged between 21 and 35 - then we would love to meet you:

  • You are an extremely attractive and refined young lady with beautiful face and pretty hair who attaches much importance to her outer appearance, keeps her body and mind fit and exerts a special appeal on men?
  • You know how to dress well for different occasions and even feel comfortable in a noble environment?
  • Do you radiate charm and elegance?
  • You are a good companion with impeccable manners?
  • Do you have a solid general education and speak English?
  • Are you looking for part-time work while you are studying or to complement your current profession?
  • Does your private and professional environment allow you to be able to react flexibly to enquiries?
  • Does the presence of a successful man with a worldly appearance fail to intimidate you but, rather, does it inspire you?
  • Do you think that blind dates are exciting?
  • Does erotic adventure entice you?
  • You are creative and Shades of Grey is more for you than just another pulp novel?
  • Do you like to flirt and give a man the feeling that he has a unique woman before him who allows herself to be seduced by him?
  • You are punctual, discreet, reliable and loyal and are interested in long-term cooperation?

Did you answer “YES” to each question? A pleasant atmosphere, as well as the personal contact with our models, is important to us. Glamouresse will always take good care of you all around. As part of a PR contract, we take on the internet presentation, the marketing and the recruitment of customers. The pictures of your personal sedcard are professionally taken by a photographer with the support of a stylist for hair and make-up. We ensure a smooth organization between enquiry, booking, journey planning and dates so that you arrive calm and relaxed at the meeting place.

Would you like to apply to Glamouresse? Please send a short description of your person and your motivation then to

and enclose 3-4 photos (portrait, whole body). You can be certain that we will treat your application confidentially and not pass it on to third parties. Ladies who are interested in providing romantic, erotic rendezvous are also welcome as applicants who wear with pleasure fetish clothes ore simply have submissive or dominant tendencies. If you do not have good fetish clothes of your own or until have little experience, is this under no circumstances of disadvantage for a successful application as a fetish escort. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

We would be pleased to hopefully welcome you in our team soon.

Yours Corinna