The GTC to follow are part of the contract between the client and Blum Fredo Vermittlung, Frankfurt (hereinafter referred to as provider).

1. Object of the Contract

The object of the contract is the accompaniment for a limited period of time of the client by one or several person(s), to be referred by the provider. Payment is exclusively in return for the company of the escort ladies for a limited period of time. Anything beyond this does not constitute part of the contract. A description of the general features of the services provided by our escort ladies can be found on the website

2. Conclusion of Contract

A booking inquiry by a client via email, contact form or telephone does not yet constitute a contract conclusion with the provider. In the legal sense, a booking inquiry constitutes an offer for conclusion of a contract. The provider only enters into a contract following consultation with the desired escort lady and transmission of a booking confirmation via email. In exceptional cases, the offer for conclusion of a contract from the provider can also be accepted by telephone. To prevent abuse, a personal telephone conversation with the provider is absolutely required in the case of first bookings by a new client. We do not save the contract text.

3. Framework Conditions

The client is to inform the provider of the intended, concrete objective, the intended scope and particularities of the desired services. He is obliged to take care that the escort lady referred will not be endangered in terms of her physical integrity or material possessions. For any and all non-material and material harm resulting to the escort lady or to the provider as a result of the client executing the order/booking implementation, the client is liable at full extent unless the damage sustained is the responsibility of the provider or the hostess. The provider is not liable for the actions of the escort lady who acts on her own merits in her dealings with the client and is not to be considered an agent of the provider. Possible damage claims against the provider are maximally limited to the amount of the booking fee and restrict themselves to intentional or grossly negligent contract violations. The provider offers no guarantee for the quality of services provided by the hostess referred.

4. German Law on protection of prostitutes

The entry into effect on 1 July 2017 of the German Law on protection of prostitutes provides the legal duty of using condoms for all sexual services according to § 32 ProstSchG.

5. Cancellation

The client has the option of withdrawing from the contract without providing a reason for this action for up to 48 hours prior to commencement of the rendering of services. The withdrawal must be declared in written form via email to . In this case offsetting the down payment made is possible untill 8 weeks. In the event of short-term cancellation (less than 48 hours in advance), any possibly made down payment will be retained. The provider is not obligated to provide the services after the fact. If the services are not called on without a prior written declaration having been issued, the full amount of the fee is to be paid and any down payments already made will not be reimbursed. The provider as well as the escort lady booked are both entitled to abandon the execution of the date booked if the execution of the date is sustainably hindered by the client and/or the client behaves in a manner that is in breach of contract. In this case, there will be no reimbursement of the fee and travel costs. Should the booked escort lady be unable to adhere to the date as agreed then the date will be cancelled by the provider. Naturally, an alternate model will immediately be offered to the client. If no agreement can be reached, the client will be reimbursed for any down payments already made. Further damage claims of the client against the provider are excluded in this case. Should the client not be satisfied with the escort lady booked, he or she can inform the provider immediately after meeting the escort lady. The option of not going through with a booked date, in return, is also open to the hostess. In both cases, merely the travel costs need to be paid.

6. Payment Terms

For prices, please refer to the profiles of the individual escort ladies. The prices agreed are only valid for the respective booking. The indicated prices of the ladies contain 30% intermediation commission for the agency. The remaining 70% are the fee for the ladies and their booked service. On demand, you will receive separate invoices for the intermediation commission of the agency incl. 19% VAT. In addition, for dates outside the hometown of the respective escort lady, travel costs are to be borne by the client. These travel expenses cover additional costs incurred for arrival by own car or taxi, for train or airplane ticket, a evtl. necessary single bedroom and, especially, also the time involved. For each date, a down payment of 30% of the agreed fee plus possible travel costs is required, which must be received by the provider 48 prior to commencement of the rendering of the services at the very latest. The remaining amount, meaning the total fee plus possible travel expenses less any down-payment already made, becomes due at the commencement of the provision of services on location and in cash. Please hand the funds to the escort lady in an unsealed envelope. All escort ladies are entitled to accept payment. All ladies act in their own name and for their own account. They are not subject to any wage tax relevant work relationship. An extension of the originally booked time is possible on location at any time, provided there is positive confirmation by our escort lady. Extra costs for this are to be paid in cash, on location, directly to the hostess prior to the extension of the service scope provided. All costs incurred while rendering the service are to be borne by the client. This includes, for instance, costs for hotel, entrance fees, taxi, restaurants, etc.

7. Miscellaneous

We guarantee discretion on the side of the agency as well as on the side of the escort ladies. Seriousness and discretion are the most important principles of our agency. The data gathered for the execution of the contractual relationship is used merely in the course of order processing. Personal data is principally not passed on to third parties. Particularly, there is no passing on of your personal or company data to the escort ladies or to third parties for marketing purposes. Only in as far as the provider is obligated on the side of the authorities or by court order to do so will data be transmitted to the respective authorities entitled to receive such information. The client herewith declares his agreement to the processing and use of the data at the scope and to the extent outlined above. The escort ladies referred to by the provider are private persons who primarily hold a serious main profession. Therefore, the client agrees to never contact the lady on the direct route but to always use the provider as an intermediary. Furthermore, the provider expects his clients to maintain and uphold privacy and reputation of the hostesses and to refrain from asking personal questions or exchange of contact data. In the case of abuse of our services, the respective authorities will be informed and/or legal action will be initiated.

8. Final Provisions

If for any reason individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions should be held to be invalid or include an omission, this does not in any way affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions and/or parts of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Each ineffective or unenforceable provision is to be replaced by a provision which comes as near as possible to the intent of the ineffective or unenforceable provision. This agreement is subject to German law. There are no additional verbal agreements. Any additional agreements require the written form in order to become valid. The legal relationships are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. In as far as is permissible, the Place of Jurisdiction is Frankfurt.