Do I meet the lady as described in her profile?

All the ladies of our agency have a full private and professional life. They study or follow a profession and have a healthy private life. If you meet one of our ladies, they are ready for an Amourfou with you, for a timeout from everyday life, to live out their respective personal passion and individual inclination with you. Each lady in our agency is personally known to us, therefore, you can be sure that you will be enthusiastic about the natural manner of our ladies.

How early in advance should I book?

Principally: The earlier, the better! Each lady at Glamouresse has her obligations and interests. You do not meet professionals, you meet ladies for whom escort is merely a flirtation that sweetens life. If you want to meet a charming and relaxed lady at Glamouresse, punctual booking is therefore of advantage if you want to make sure that you will get to indulge in a TÍte at TÍte with the chosen lady of your dreams.

Do you wish a duo booking?

Already at the time when you consider an invitation two ladies, it is advisable to contact us and to inform us about your ideas so that we coordinate your suggestion with the time budget of the desired ladies as soon as possible. Please also ask us which of the ladies are friends and we can therefore recommend as a duo without hesitation. Of course Glamouresse ladies also like to meet ladies from other agencies occasionally. Inquire which ladies can be considered for such an undertaking.

Can I contact a lady directly?

Our ladies have consciously decided in favour of Glamouresse as an agency because, for our ladies, escort is the experiencing of a carefree, mysterious adventure. Please understand that our ladies do not like to give out their contact data since they have deliberately engaged an agency that handles smooth organization between inquiry, booking and journey planning but also takes on the marketing presentation, creation of the expensive sedcards and costly advertising besides to all other obligations of economical enterprises. Please do not embarrass any lady by asking her to give your private phone number and email address because we have mutually committed to discretion and loyalty. Many thanks.

How do the different fee categories of the ladies explain themselves?

Fees for the categories Maitresse, Glossinesse, Shininesse and Escortesse can be found under the menu item fees or in the fee overview of the respective profile of a lady. Compensation is determined in arrangement with the ladies and explains itself by the different service the escort ladies offer. With some ladies you can enjoy an additional special service, the choice of fetish clothes and toys connected to it.→ Specialties

Is a down payment required?

A down payment of 30% is to be made to the agency after booking. We offer the options of

  • Discreet bank transfer
  • Western Union
  • Discreet credit card payment (+6% handling fee)

Only this confirms your booking and the lady of your choice can commence preparation for your date in a relaxed manner.

When and how is the balance due?

Please hand over the balance of your payment at the start of the date, inside an unsealed envelope and in bills as large as possible. Please encourage the respective lady to count the fee straight away to avoid possible misunderstandings later on. It would be a shame if a good date were to be interrupted in process or spoilt in the aftermath as a result of misunderstandings.

What needs to be considered during trips outside the hometown of the respective lady?

In addition to the basic fee, you are billed for the expenses of the respective lady outside her hometown. These expenses cover additional costs for arrival by own cars, cab, train, plane ticket and a evtl. necessary single bedroom and especially also the time involved.
If Glamouresse handles booking of the railway or plane tickets, we offer you the following payment options

  • Discreet bank transfer
  • Western Union
  • Discreet credit card payment (+6% handling fee)

Otherwise, please hand over the agreed travel expenses together with the fee to the respective lady in a sealed envelope at the beginning of your date.

How long should a date last?

When selecting our ladies, we not only place great emphasis on their outer appearance but especially also on a positive personality and a high intellect. Therefore, our ladies prefer bookings in excess of two hours and they feel especially flattered if you were to invite your lady of your dreams for an extended date.

Where can the meeting take place?

Wherever you like and choose! Are you looking for a discreet and exclusive luxury hotel, a recommendable restaurant, a BDSM appartement, an exclusive vacation destination or would you like to go to an exceptional party? It would be our pleasure to assist you in choosing suitable surroundings for unforgettable adventure and we can handle planning and booking for you.

What happens if I need to cancel a date?

Our ladies are looking forward meeting you and for them a cancellation of a rendezvous is of great disappointment. Nevertheless you are entirely free to withdraw from your contract up to 48 hours prior to the start of the rendezvous without providing reasons. Please send your cancellation notice to or to the address provided in the masthead. In this case offsetting the down payment is possible if a rendezvous takes place within 8 weeks. In the case of short-term cancellation less than 48 hours in advance of the rendezvous, we keep the down payment.

Phone or email?

We can be reached daily between 15:00 and 20:00 hours. For a timely response to your concerns, it is advantageous for you to contact us through the booking form of the respective lady. If there are any other questions, you may reach us at .

Is discretion guaranteed when I provide my personal data?

We are not interested in losing our clients’ trust by passing on their data. Furthermore, we only store your data for the purposes of contract execution and there is no other intention on our side. Please refrain from providing false information. Should we find this out prior to the start of a date, the lady will not appear at the meeting point.